Project SHARE is a humanitarian program that donates blood-clotting medicine called factor to developing countries. Our recipients are patients, doctors, clinics, and hospitals in countries where factor is scarce or unavailable. Project SHARE saves lives.

Hemophilia is expensive to treat. Up to 75% of the world’s estimated 400,000 people with hemophilia have little or no access to factor. Untreated bleeds can cause unimaginable pain, crippling or even death. Our donations are used to treat life- and limb-threatening bleeds, and to enable surgeries and rehabilitation. In addition, we offer educational materials and expertise to guide patients, hemophilia nonprofits, physicians and clinics toward self-sufficiency.

Thanks to our extensive contacts among US patients and hospitals, and our reputation as a trusted provider of consultation and aid, Project SHARE collects millions of dollars worth of unused or unwanted blood-clotting medicine from US treatment centers, specialty pharmacies and patients who previously had nowhere to donate it.

Founded in 2002, Project SHARE is a partnership between LA Kelley Communications, Inc., and the following corporations: ASD Healthcare, Baxter Healthcare Corporation, CSL Behring, New England BioLabs, Novo Nordisk Inc. and Octapharma.

Project SHARE has donated more than 48 million units —approximately $48 million— of factor to thousands of patients in more than 62 developing countries.