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Dear Google

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April 17 is celebrated as World Hemophilia Day to raise awareness about hemophilia and other inherited bleeding disorders. Globally, 1 in 1,000 people has a bleeding disorder. Most are not diagnosed and do not receive treatment. Together we can change that. Let’s all ask Google to feature the World Hemophilia Day in its Doodle on April 17. Write to with the subject: Google Doodle for World Hemophilia Day on April 17.

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Why we need to raise awareness about hemophilia

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On April 11-12, our Women’s Group at the Hemophilia Association of the Philippines for Love and Service (HAPLOS) will be spearheading an exhibit at the Glorietta Mall Activity in Makati City to raise awareness on hemophilia and other bleeding disorders, as well as to raise funds.

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Getting clotting factors in the Philippines

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I’ve been getting inquiries on where to buy factor concentrates in the Philippines. Factors are the substances in the blood that act in sequence to enable it to clot naturally.

People with bleeding disorders either do not have clotting factors in their blood or their factors are defective, causing them to bleed more than normal. Some bleeds are more fatal than others, and in fact, several patients (including my mother) died from bleeding. Infusion of factor concentrates is generally the best and fastest way to stop bleeding.

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