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google doodleDear Google,

My name is Andrea from the Philippines. I am a person with an inherited bleeding disorder. There are hundreds of thousands like us — boys and girls, men and women — from different parts of the world who suffer from different types of bleeding disorders, the most known of which is hemophilia.

The World Federation of Hemophilia says 1 out of 1,000 may have an inherited bleeding condition. Yet, less than 10 percent of us have been diagnosed. It leaves more than 90 percent suffering from lack of diagnosis and proper treatment. That means, millions of people all over the world may be suffering in silence because of this condition.

Hemophilia and bleeding disorders are genetically inherited conditions that affects the person’s ability to clot normally. We bleed longer even for minor cuts. Sometimes, supposed minor injuries can lead to life threatening situations including permanent disability.  My own mother died of bleeding while undergoing a biopsy procedure.

There is no cure yet for hemophilia and bleeding disorders and the only treatment available is the infusion of Anti Hemophilia Factor concentrates (AHF) to stop the bleeding.

I join the hemophilia community all over the world in appealing to Google: Please feature World Hemophilia Day in Google Doodle on April 17.  By doing so, you help us generate massive awareness on hemophilia and bleeding disorders and may even save lives.

This means a lot to us. Help us help others. Put World Hemophilia Day in Google Doodle on April 17.



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About Andrea Echavez

I am an advocate for people with bleeding disorders. My daughter Star and I were diagnosed with von Willebrand's Disease Type 2M.