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Wolverine Poster new


Ok, not really.  But I’m pretty sure my dear “friend” Hugh won’t mind supporting our advocacy for the hemophilia community especially if he knows it will benefit Filipinos who have practically no access to the very costly treatments for this family of rare bleeding disorders.

This coming Friday, July 26th, we’re having a special screening of  Hugh’s Wolverine in SM Megamall’s Cinema 5. The sixth installment of the blockbuster X-Men series, Wolverine promises to be as exciting as the previous films, even better.

Now I won’t attempt to talk further about the film as everybody knows what a Marvel movie is made of.  Instead, let me share why we are doing this fundraiser.  As I have mentioned in my previous posts, our daughter Star was in and out of the hospital last year because of bleeds.  Star was diagnosed when she was seven with von Willebrand Disease,  a type of bleeding disorder also called as pseudo-hemophilia.  She’s supposedly a “moderate bleeder” but after what  happened last year — eight months of practically non-stop bleeds, hospital confinements and the countless hospital trips for treatments in between — I’m not really sure what moderate means anymore. This made me think — if Star bled so much considering she is a moderate bleeder, how much more do severe bleeders suffer?

Hemophilia is such an expensive disorder.  On top of this, factor concentrates — the medicine used to treat bleeds — are not available in the Philippines.  A couple of pharmaceutical companies import these factor concentrates. Unfortunately, very few patients can afford to buy these medicines.  Majority live below poverty line and can hardly make ends meet.  When they bleed, they are either dependent on dole outs or seek other treatment options.  Worse, many just try to bear the pain because they cannot afford even to go to the public hospital to see a doctor.

Thankfully, Save One Life, a humanitarian organization founded by Laurie Kelley, a fellow “hemo” mom has been helping Filipino children and those in more than 50 countries cope up with their bleeding disorders.  There are still hundreds of Filipino children waiting to be sponsored. We are hoping that we will be able to help Save One Life generate funds to serve more children.  And so we’re asking: Be a blessing to a child with hemophilia. Join us in the special screening this Friday.  (For more details, please contact me at andrea.echavez@gmail.com or +63915.306.2273.)  ##

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