Mommy's "favorite" homeschool student.

Mommy’s “favorite” homeschool student.

This year’s not been very kind to our brave girl.  Since January until very recently, she experienced non-stop  menorrhagia (heavy menstrual bleed) and had to be hospitalized three times. Those are on top of the several out-patient blood transfusions and factor infusions.

Her hospital confinement last week was the worse this year and we joked that with the amount of blood she needed, people might think she was a vampire.  Kidding aside, it was the first time she had to be transfused with so much blood products — 30 packs of cryo precipitate and two bags of red blood cells.

Because of her eight month continued bleed, we agreed with her hematologist to keep her in the hospital for treatment until her bleed completely stopped.  She stayed in the hospital for seven days, at a time that her classmates were taking the trimestral exams.

Prior to her confinement, she  already missed many school days because of headaches apparently caused by severe anemia.  She also fell twice in school in weird “knee-twisting” incidents.  During the recent heavy rains, while  relaxing on her bed, her knee suddenly twisted.   It was a scary experience having to “return” her knee to the right position.  Immediately after the rains stopped, we brought her to an orthopedic doctor who diagnosed her with Patellar Dislocation, another genetic disorder.

Apparently, the condition is related to her bleeding disorder.  Many people with bleeding disorders also suffer from Patellar Dislocation and bleeding in the knee muscles.

Having to go through non-stop bleed for eight months is too much for a 13-year-old and so the hubby and I decided we would not pressure Star in going back to school.   Lately, she’s been “hating” her school. We told her her health is more important than anything else and she doesn’t really need to go back  to school.

Thus our decision to embark on a new journey — to home school our big brave girl.   This is something new to us and we are praying for God’s grace as we walk Star through a new phase in her life.  (Next: Home schooling for beginners)

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