Star being infused with Humate P

Today we had to take Star to the ER  for factor infusion.  She  nose-bled  and puked blood (again) this morning after playing badminton for about an hour.  It was nothing serious compared with her previous nosebleeds where big blood clots would come out of her nostrils. But since she also has profuse menses now on top of the nosebleed, her hematologist thought it was wise to infuse.  I agreed with her, coming from a bad experience in February when Star had a 24-day menstrual bleed.  She was confined twice after her bleed continued despite factor infusions.

Infusions always annoy Star.  She hates hospital trips but the thought of another prolonged menses annoys me more and so I convinced her that the trip to the ER was needed.

It was a quick one – about an hour or so.   After the infusion, she was observed for about 30 minutes and then off to home we went.

Confinements and trips to the ER sometimes makes me wish we lived in another country.   Hemophilia care in the Philippines is just so bad.  There is not a single Hemophilia Treatment Center in the real sense of the word.

We had some bad experiences with a big hospital whose ER doctors were clueless about  bleeding disorders.  When Star was not yet diagnosed, we would take her to the hospital where her pediatrician practices.  It was frustrating to be sent home with the doctors more baffled than we were on what caused her strange nosebleeds and vomits of blood.

Thankfully, Cardinal Santos Medical Center has become a reliable place to go because the ER doctors are now familiar in dealing with patients with bleeding disorders. Hopefully,  the new administration will take a serious look at the country’s state of medical care and include hemophilia treatment in its priority health programs. ***

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