Some updates and Star’s bleeding

This past few months, I’ve been really so busy I haven’t blogged anymore. Many boys in our community have been bleeding, some of them in and out of the hospital. I’ve facilitated a number of requests for factors with Project Share, our factor donor based in the US.

Because of requests from all over the world, Project Share could not accommodate all requests.  After all, they serve more than 40 countries.

Most Filipinos with hemophilia (about 90 t 95%) are poor, they can hardly even afford to go to government hospitals.

I look forward to the day when Filipinos no longer have to practically beg for factors because the government provides for it.  It’s heart-wrenching to read emails that practically beg for factors for their sons or even for themselves.  But what choice do they have?   Thank God for organizations like Project Share. They have saved so many lives not only in the Philippines but all over the world.

In the Philippines, getting support from the government has yet a long way to go. I am hopeful though that in the near future, our dream of  access to factors for all will become a reality.

In the home front, our dear Star has been bleeding quite frequently again. Almost every other day, we get a report of her bleeds while in school. It could be the heat these days.  Humidity or sudden change in temperature are among the triggers for Star’s nosebleeds. We’re just thankful that her school (The Learning Tree) is a loving and caring community. Star’s classmates and teachers are already used to her bleeding episodes and they now know how to help her every time she bleeds.  Star just felt bad today that she couldn’t run during her PE class because she bled just before the class began.

We are very blessed compared with others. Despite her frequent nosebleeds, Star’s condition is still very mild as compared with others in our community. Unlike her cousin Yanyan, who has severe hemophilia  and other boys her age, Star can still run on good days.  But my prayer is that someday, in the near future, all  children with bleeding disorders can be like any other children — free from cares brought about by their condition. ##

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