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By December 18, 2008Hemophilia

In the past few weeks that I’ve been monitoring Kerby, his condition didn’t seem to be very hopeful. Last week, Dr. Fedo Go, Kerby’s hematologist sent an SMS saying that there seemed to be no other recourse but to amputate the boy’s infected leg. Though I felt so sad, I believed that whatever happens, God will always give what’s best for Kerby.

This morning, the best news arrived. Kerby showed very good progress despite earlier prognosis. He will be going home for Christmas and the best part is, he will keep his leg

Below is an excerpt of Dr. Go’s email:

Kirby’s condition was reevaluated and discussed by the orthopedic surgeons. A series of xrays of the involved leg was done. The wound apparently shows good healing (I will attach a picture of the involved leg in my next mail). The xrays showed resolution of the osteomyelitis (i.e. bone infection)and an even better news is that the fractured bones also show signs of healing. With these recent findings the surgeons decided not to proceed with the amputation. The current plan is to keep the involved leg fixed in an open cast to allow the fracture to heal further and to continue with local wound care at home. We do not intend to keep the child in the hospital longer as it would predispose him to more infections. He will be scheduled for a regular OPD follow up and rehabilitation.

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