Cold weather and bleeding

By December 18, 2008Bleeding Disorders, Star

It’s probably the cold weather. Many children (and adults) right now in our community have bleeds. These past few weeks, Star nosebleeds at least three times a week. Today, I noticed a small hematoma on her left knee. This is quite unusual for her. Since she started to walk, we have not noticed hematomas on her knees anymore. Aside from Star, Dan Louie (13), Rome (5) and his older brother Patrick (8) currently have bleeds on their knees well. Rome and Patrick have Hemophilia B. Patrick has been confined since yesterday because of the swelling. Others have bleeds on their arms or shoulders.

Several people were absent during Haplos’ Christmas party last Saturday, mostly because of bleeding. Unfortunately, in a country like the Philippines, where the healthcare system is still lopsided, most bleeders suffer in silence because they can’t afford the expensive medications.

My personal hope (and I’m sure all other bleeders) is that, we will be able to convince the government to subsidize medications for bleeders. In other countries, bleeders lead normal lives because they have access to medicines. Bleeders have the right to live normal lives and be productive. (Photos: Shots of Star’s slightly swollen knee taken this morning.)

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I am an advocate for people with bleeding disorders. My daughter Star and I were diagnosed with von Willebrand's Disease Type 2M.