Since early September, our little Star started nosebleeding almost everyday. Sometimes, it happens up to three times a day.

She has been going through a series of tests to determine what causes the strange bleeding.

Some of the tests are not available in the Philippines and we need to bring her either to Hongkong or Singapore. Upon the suggestion of some friends, we started A-DOLLAR-FOR-STAR, a campaign to raise funds to help us to bring her overseas.

This site is dedicated to share with everyone Star’s healing journey. Despite the possibility that she may have a bleeding disorder (von Willebrand disease), we remain steadfast in our faith that this is just a temporary discomfort. Our God is a great God. He is Star’s Healer.

Sometimes, illnesses can be uncomfortable. Sometimes, it’s hard to understand why we get afflicted or in this case, why it is happening to our family’s baby. But we rest in the assurance that God is with us. He will never leave us nor forsake us. By the wounds of Christ, Star shall be healed. After all this, God’s purpose shall be accomplished.

We are so grateful to the Lord for all the love, prayers and support of our families (Trinidads, Echavezes, Hernandezes/Lopez-Vitos), our friends (so many to name all of them — but guys, you know who you are), and even total strangers who have responded to our appeal for help.

God bless you all a thousandfold!

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About Andrea Echavez

I am an advocate for people with bleeding disorders. My daughter Star and I were diagnosed with von Willebrand's Disease Type 2M.