Welcome to our healing journey…

I am an advocate for people with bleeding disorders.

In 2007, our youngest daughter Star and I were diagnosed with von Willebrand Disease (Type 2M), a rare bleeding disorder also known as pseudo-hemophilia. It is an inherited disorder that impacts the blood’s ability to clot properly. As a group, bleeding disorders like vWD and hemophilia are rare.

For a long time, it was believed that bleeding disorders only affect men. But in 1926, Finnish pediatrician Erik Adolf von Willebrand, discovered a different type of bleeding disorder that equally affects men and women.

How our journey started…

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Homeschooling (a high schooler) for beginners

By Andrea Echavez -
Photo from www.exploringhomeschooling.com

This is it. After discussing and weighing the pros and cons, we have decided to embark on a road less traveled — homeschooling. Our decision really started out of a desire to unburden Star of added pressures from her health issues.